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Kiddie Koncierge: Resources - Film Reviews
Resources: Film Reviews
If you are anything like us, figuring out which movie is
appropriate for your child is a bit arduous.  The movie
may be fine for the most part and then, WHAM, there is
this huge monster that scares the wits out of your kid
and then you have two weeks of night terrors in
exchange for two hours of entertainment.  We have
found two sites that are pretty good at helping you
preview the content before you make any plans.

Kids in Mind www.kids-in-mind.com/  Kids In Mind is
our favorite.  While we recommended this site in the
past as a way to evaluate current film releases for
content and appropriateness for your child, it also has a
section devoted to video releases so that you can
preview releases before you rent, buy or order. The
editors have spent a LOT of time to review every film
and rate it in terms of Sex/nudity; violence/gore, and
profanity.  They don’t just give you the rating, they go
shot by shot to describe possible problem areas.  You
have no idea short of previewing every release whether
there is anything that your child might have an issue
with.  When we went to see Ratatouille, it was nice to
know that there would be a crazy, gun-wielding farmer
and a flood of rats in the first 20 minutes.  Kids in Mind
does exactly that.  You can also buy videos through the
site to save time.   

Rotten Tomatoes www.rottentomatoes.com/  
Rotten Tomatoes is really for the adults, but it is an
incredible resource for your parents' nights out.  Rather
than rely on a single critic whose taste is highly variable,
you can view the reviews of every critic in the country
(just about, major releases can have as many as 176
reviewers) from the major media outlets like the New
York and Los Angeles Times to the blogs.  The site then
determines if the review was positive (Fresh) or
negative (Rotten) and then assigns a rating based on
the percentage of reviewers who gave it a "Fresh"
rating.  A useful page is this one
com/movie/in_theaters.php which lists all the current
theatrical releases based on rating and this page
which does the same for current DVD releases.  Combine
Rotten Tomatoes and Kids in Mind and you have a
formidable set of tools to select appropriate content for
your child.

And, for your App folks (Apple and Android), we like
Flickster (also available at www.flickster.com).  It
incorporates Rotten Tomatoes reviews, showtimes, and
ticket sales.

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media is a great organization that
spreads the word on responsible media consumption.  
Besides community outreach (they speak at schools and
perform other community services, they also (and most
relevant to this site) post film, video game, book, music,
and website reviews on their site.  Like
above, they review current media on a number or
different criteria, provide ratings (both by their reviews
and the readers), and recommendations by age group
(appropriate, with caution, and not appropriate).  A
wonderful resource!

Movie Mom http://blog.beliefnet.com/moviemom/   
Movie Mom is a distant fourth for utility.  What she does
that is useful is provide a recommended age for
viewing.  This, bear in mind, is entirely subjective.  We
know of people who would view "R" rated DVDs with
their five year old.  Movie Mom provides brief synopses
with brief discussions on areas of concern.  It is by no
means as thorough as Kids in Mind

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