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Kiddie Koncierge: Resources - Online Stores
Resources: Online Stores
While you can go to Amazon.com or any other website to get most
of your needs, it is nice to know about some other sites that might
provide you with a different experience and some unique
merchandise that you may not find anywhere else.  Here are a few
of our favorites:

Bank Street Books  http://www.bankstreetbooks.com/ This is the
online arm of a New York institution.  This famous store of
children’s’ books now has a great online store also devoted to
children’s’ literature for all ages.  It is well organized and has a
wide range of topics to browse through.  The search features are
also very helpful and powerful.

Hedgehog Books  http://www.hedgehogbooks.com.  Hedgehog
books is unique in that it has teacher recommended book
selections and lists.  The recommendations are searchable and
have a couple of intuitive navigation methods to direct you to
interesting titles.  Recommendations are also divided by grade
and reading level and, most importantly, have some commentary
about the books and the authors.  This is a nice resource and

Barclaywoods  http://www.barclaywoods.com/ This store is
devoted to fine maple building blocks.  Not just boxes of blocks,
but very nicely finished sets with a cool range of shapes and
sizes.  Highly recommended.  Another equally good block store is
http://www.oldfashionedblocks.com/  They not only have maple
offerings but offerings in sustainable woods.

euroToyShop.com, http://www.eurotoyshop.com/  With all the
concern over toys from certain parts of the world, we came across
a website that only sources toys from another part of the world.  
These toys are high quality and reasonably priced.  In fact, once
you factor in tax vs. shipping, the prices are even better.  Their
selection is pretty impressive for boys and girls.  

Fat Brain Toys  www.fatbraintoys.com Fat Brain has one of the
best selection of educational and scientific toys on the web (and
catalog in case you prefer that) .  The site is well organized and
appeals to a wide range of age groups.  The site also has a
helpful set of recommendations by age and gender http://www.

Kazoo Toys  www.kazootoys.com  This site has a wide range of
interesting and unique toys.  They are creative and appear to be
well made.  Their strength is in creative, imagination and
exploration toys.  

Lego.com  Boys (and increasingly girls) love this stuff.  And, if your
child is a Lego Maniac, you may find that the stores are starting to
run low on ideas or you may find yourself in danger of having
about 4 different building standards (Duplo, Lego, Bionicle, etc.
etc.) in your home.  This is the place to go for ideas on other
directions to go in, hard-to-find sets, printable instructions in case
you lost yours or want to find new ideas for things to do with the
thousands of pieces lying around your play area (what?  
Improvise?), and replacement pieces for lost pieces or those that
the dog ate.  They also occasionally have specials and sales that
beat the stores.  If you are insane and have way too much time on
your hands, you can actually DESIGN your own Lego creation set
with special free software and then order all the pieces (the
software keeps track) and instructions!  

Cool Tip:  If you lost the directions for your set or just want to do
something different with your piles of bricks, go to the
Instructions Page at Lego.com.  We have found a lot of new ideas
for random pieces there and it definitely stretches the imagination
a bit.

Lego Education If you aren't finding what you want on the Lego.
com site, you really ought to check out the Lego Education site.  
Oddly enough, they don't publicize this site much, but it is where
you can get the less commercial but still very engaging sets that
teachers and places like the Chabot Space and Science use for
classroom and other activities.  It probably skews a little older but
we have seen younger kids diving into the solar car activities at

Live and Learn Toys www.liveandlearn.com/contents.html  Their
website, while not particularly well designed, does have a good
selection of educational toys and also has a useful tool that offers
recommendations by age.  

Mindware www.mindware.com  This is a great place to go for
creative games, toys, and projects for kids of all ages.  You will
find an awesome of award-winning toys that will challenge your
child's minds and creativity.  Well worth visiting for that hard-to-
shop-for child.

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