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Welcome to the Kiddie Koncierge™ Travel
Koncierge for Honolulu!  

Honolulu is my home town, so I have a great fondness for it.  I have arranged
my thoughts into several categories:  Lodging, Activities, Beaches, and
Dining – all with an eye to the short ones.  There is more than I wrote here,
but I have tried to avoid those things that everyone else will talk about and
truly focus on the things that we have enjoyed.

There are a few things to keep in mind when there:
  • Hawaii is a very family friendly place and kids are welcome most
    anywhere although the fancier places are getting less so.
  • While it is very easy to overschedule because there is so much to see
    and do, try to carve out some time for your kid to just play in the sand
    and water (supervised, of course).  Maybe pack some indoor toys,
    books, and activities in case they need a break.  
  • Ewa is west, Diamond Head is east, Mauka is towards the mountains,
    and Makai is towards the water.
  • The weather can be brutal.  While it may be hot where you live, the
    intensity of the sun and that heat/humidity combination can be
    serious.  So, to maximize your enjoyment, be smart:
  • Schedule your outdoor activities for the morning or late afternoon to
    avoid the most intense heat of the day. We take advantage of this to
    put our child down (oh, what the heck, us too) for a nap.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You can dehydrate rather quickly and not
    be aware of it.
  • Sunscreen is a must. You can tan even with sunscreen but it will
    help prevent a really painful and debilitating sunburn
  • Hats, visors, and eye protection are a must.
  • Rain comes and goes.  Occasionally, you will get a storm with
    persistent rain, but mostly it blows over before too long.
  • Drive time in Honolulu is nasty.  Try to avoid it.
  • Be smart about your valuables.  Even though people are nice, there
    is still petty theft and no need to ruin your vacation with a loss.
  • Be smart about the ocean.  Respect the ocean and respect the surf.  
    Many visitors have to be medevac’d because they ignore warnings or
    get arrogant about their ability to handle high surf and currents.  
    People die regularly don’t take a chance with yourself or your family.

Flight/Transportation:  Hawaii is blessed with a myriad of travel options.
We like for the convenience of aggregating all airlines and
the usual travel sites.  When booking travel, think also of considering the Fly-
drive or Fly-drive-stay packages available through Expedia or Travelocity or
Costco.  Often you can get better rental car rates and competitive air fares.  
We have also found Costco to be a GREAT source for car rental rates.  

Good to know:  almost every car rental agency can rent you a car seat in
case you do not wish to fly with yours (it is just one more thing to carry).  Also,
we brought a stroller even though our child was perfectly able to walk
because it was a handy way to schlep things through the airport including the
child.  Finally, milk is exempt from the TSA carryon restrictions.

Also Good to know:  distances on O’ahu are not that far.  Remember:  it is an
island.  The circumference of the island is 138 miles if you have a motocross
bike, 110 if you have a rental car.  You can go from Waikiki to the North
Shore in about an hour in traffic.

Still More Good to know: the local Honolulu bus system is clean, cheap, and
efficient.  Almost every line on the island runs through Ala Moana center as
its hub.  This is important if you are using the bus as your primary mode of
transportation.  You can bus from Waikiki to Ala Moana and then bus to just
about any point on the island from there.

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Updated March 18, 2013
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