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Kiddie Koncierge
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About Kiddie Koncierge
Kiddie Koncierge was developed to help you, the
busy parent, come up with fun ideas for things to
do in your free time with your child.  We try to
come up with interesting activities for parents and
their kids to do in the Greater San Francisco Bay
Area.  Our focus is on free activities, but
occasionally things may have a cost component
involved.  We also aim to provide helpful hints to
increase the family’s enjoyment of the activity. If
you have suggestions about activities or ways
that we can make this service more useful, please
feel free to send us that information.

Who We Are
Stephen Paik, Head Koncierge
Kiddie Koncierge is Stephen's second baby after his five
year-old son, Spencer.  Stephen started Kiddie Koncierge
accidentally.  Weary of going to the same parks or the same
kid museums, Stephen and his wife enjoyed thinking up fun
and different activities to do with their son - activities that they
might enjoy doing themselves.  Over time, the friends that
they invited along wanted to be kept in the loop.  Before you
know it, Kiddie Koncierge was born.

Before Kiddie Koncierge, Stephen was a successful strategy
consultant, tech executive, and owner of a small service
business.  Stephen also co-managed a kids program at the
Kahala Resort in Honolulu for several years.
What is Kiddie Koncierge?

Kiddie Koncierge is the SF Bay
Area's premier resource for fun,
interesting, unique, and
creative kids activities.

We provide recommendations,
reviews, and resources on all
sorts of fun things to do in San
Francisco, Berkeley/Oakland,
San Jose, Marin, and beyond!
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