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OK, so now you have a membership to the Zoo or museum.  Now
what?  Your kid has already put the kibosh on any further zoo visits
for the next three weeks and a vacation looms.  Never fear!  Your
membership has a lot of power – even OUTSIDE your home town.  
Our zoo membership has served us in Hawaii, Seattle, San Diego,
Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara.  Hey, it has even served us in
San Francisco.  It is possibly the most valuable part of your
membership.  So how do you know what membership gets you a
discount or free admission and at what other facility?  You need
only check out the list below.  And, if you don’t find it here, check out
your own membership package and see what your reciprocal
benefits are.  If you find a good one that we missed, send it to us at

If you are a Bay Area resident, the following matrix might help:

Association of Children’s Museums http://www.  This association of 140
children’s museums includes the Bay Area Discovery Museum,
the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, Habitot among
others.  The full list is here:  

Association of Science-Technology Centers, The
ASTC includes the Chabot Space and Science Center, the
Exploratorium, Lawrence Hall of Science, the Lindsay Wildlife
Museum, Randall Museum, Zeum, and the Tech Museum of
Innovation in the San Francisco Bay Area.  But it also includes 250
cool places all over the state, the United States, and some
international locations.  Definitely check the list before you travel.
The complete, up to date list of participants, their reciprocal
agreements, and an up to date .pdf list of their “passport
members” can be found at
org/members/passlist.htm.  The .pdf list can be found at http:

Association of Zoos and Aquariums includes The Oakland Zoo
among many others.  Not all AZA members recognize reciprocity,
so it always pays to check.  The Oakland Zoo has compiled a
handy reciprocity list of 125 zoos and aquariums around the United

Museum Reciprocal Programs.  Some museums limit their
reciprocal benefits to certain membership levels.  Still, if you are a
member, check out your member packet to see if you qualify.  
There are several reciprocal programs and your museum may
participate in several.  

The Western Reciprocal Program and the North American
Reciprocal Program
lists can be found here:  http://www.famsf.

Here is the SF Museum of Modern Art’s list:  http://www.sfmoma.
org/membership/member_reciprocal.html.  Oddly, the Walker
Art Center
(in Minneapolis)’s list expands to about 200
participating museums including the
SF MOMA:  http:
//  Fact of the
matter is, with museums, you should call or ask to verify benefits.  
We frequently found situations where one museum accepted
reciprocity where another did not.
Museum and Zoo Reciprocity Benefits
Published February 19, 2008
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Reciprocity Matrix
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