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What is Travel Koncierge?
Travel Koncierge is an offshoot of Kiddie Koncierge.  
We love to travel and drag our son along.  Truth be
told, travel with a minor can be less than thrilling
unless you come prepared.  The editors at
Koncierge have compiled a growing list of family and
kid-oriented destination guides to some of our
favorite cities to make your family travel that much
more enjoyable.

We have also learned a few lessons on travelling
with minors over the years that might be helpful to our
readers.  We will be updating these tips periodically,
so check back.  We also welcome your
Send them in!

Making Plans
We have found the following to be extremely helpful in
our travel planning recently:
  • - This site aggregates every
    published airfare from the airlines plus Orbitz,
    Expedia, etc.  It is a huge time saver.  
  • - Costco Travel is a
    great way to save money on a weekly car
    rental.  It is a bit cumbersome to wade
    through all the offers, but you will save a LOT
    of money.
  • - After doing a red-eye to
    New York with a seat that did not recline, I
    have to say that this site is a MUST.  It also
    came in handy when we had to switch
    airplanes or airlines midstream and find new
    seats.  What this site does is provide you with
    the seating plans for all aircraft with all
    airlines with handy notations on which seats
    are exit rows, which seats are near the exits
    (good for leg room, but bad for raising arm
    rests, underseat storage or tray tables - they
    usually fold into the armrest), which seats do
    not recline (last row before a bulkhead, last
    row before exit rows), which seats have power
    outlets, etc.  We have this loaded on our cell
    phone as well for obvious reasons.
  • Orbitz nowadays has a low price guarantee
    whereby they will refund you the difference if
    anyone buys your itinerary for less than you
  • If you are travelling to SoCal or anywhere in a
    four hundred mile radius, consider driving.  By
    the time you drive or get a cab/shuttle/limo to
    the airport, park, unload, check in, go through
    security, wait, get delayed, etc., you may find
    that you actually save time by driving.  Add to
    that that you have a car seat, don't have to
    deal with a rental, etc.  If you have a bike rack,
    you can even bring the bikes.  Just make sure
    that you have a lock for it.
  • Don't forget the AAA discount!  You pay those
    dues for a reason!

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