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Kiddie Koncierge: What We Like
What We Like
  • Through February - Monarch Butterfly
    Migration, Various Locations  These delicate
    creatures know how to live their short lives:  They
    winter in Mexico with stops in Northern California and a
    few other choice spots on their way home.  Here are a
    few local spots worth checking out between October
    and February.  A lot of places are home to rest stops for
    the Monarchs, but only a few have significant
    concentrations of butterflies.  With this chilly weather,
    you are likely to see these little orange and black  guys
    huddled together for warmth.  Not sure how that works
    given that they are cold blooded, but I digress.  For a
    good guide on butterflies, their life cycle, and migratory
    habits, download this 12 page document:  www.
  • Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz  This is
    the only State Monarch Preserve in California.  
    There are all sorts of displays at the visitors
    center with eggs, caterpillars, and chrysalides.  
    Make sure to check out the natural rock bridges,
    tidal pools, and migrating whales.  For more
    information, visit www.parks.ca.gov/?
  • Ardenwood, Fremont  In addition to the historical
    farm, there is a full-fledged Monarch rest stop.  
  • Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula This is one of
    the classic overwintering locations in the area.  
    Visit http://www.pgmuseum.org/ for more details
    (click on Monarchs)
  • Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, Carmel  Visit
    for more details
  • San Leandro Golf Course, Alameda  Call to find
    out when you can see their eucalyptus trees
    draped in butterflies.  For directions, visit www.
  • Bolinas Terrace, Bolinas, Marin  In the town of
    Bolinas, just off of Park at the intersection of
    Terrace and Mann are a good concentration of
    butterflies.  Muir Beach also has a smaller
    concentration of butterflies.
  • Check out the Bay Bridge bike path. It is fun ride with
    great views. You can pick up the trail across from Ikea
    in Emeryville (right at the stoplight on Shellmound). You
    can probably park in the Ikea garage if you are
    somewhat discrete. We parked near the Target and
    rode to the trailhead. There is another trailhead at
    Maritime and Burma in Oakland which hooks up to the
    same path. The path runs about 3.5-4 miles from
    stoplight to the tower (where the path ends for now)
    under the Maze before it emerges alongside the toll
    plaza. It is a gentle grade up and a nice coast down with
    a few spots along the way to sit on a bench and have a
    drink of water (bring your own). It is a little eerie riding
    past the old span and seeing the lower deck where we
    used to drive. You are well separated from the traffic
    and the railings are pretty high so safety wise, you have
    nothing to worry about.
  • Check out first rate Street Performers daily at Pier 39.  
    We have seen many of these guys before and they are
    fun and FREE.  Here is a full schedule.  www.pier39.
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